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Method of thangka ordering

"The most important thing in my profession is to convey the beauty of Buddhist painting and the wisdom of Buddhist teachings with my paintings. I don't just give a picture to my clients , but knowledge, meditative experience and a guide for those who need help."


What is the thangka?

This art form can be traced back to India. It was transferred from Bihar to Tibet sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries, when the Tibetan rulers of that time welcomed Buddhist teachers and artists from Bihar. The various Tibetan painting traditions and styles were finally created from a mixture of Indian, Nepalese, Chinese, Kotan and Kashmiri influences.

The presence of a thangka image and its in-depth examination help in meditation. The Buddha shown in the picture reveals the Buddha-nature inherent in you. Buddhas, bodhisattvas, peaceful and angry deities are present in your life through paintings.

Their fixed shape allows their essence to continuously flow towards you, you can feel them. The symbols of your own personal thangkad, the full energy of the image, help you overcome difficult life situations and solve a problem.

It can alleviate the causes of illness (but consultation with a doctor is important!), we can make an offering for a better rebirth of our deceased loved ones, we accumulate merit through them, it helps in buddhist practices, we can create abundance on the spiritual and physical way, they provide protection, they help in everyday life.

When ordering a Thangka, not only the customer but also the painter accumulates merit.

Thangka ordering

Thanks for ordering!


What thangka can be ordered?

Before ordering a thangka, be sure to think about why you need such a strong painting. If you are looking for a solution to a problem, I am happy to help you choose the right buddha, deity, or bodhisattva (for example, the Medicine Buddha is also good for diseases and for helping a deceased loved one).

For traditional thangkas, I paint on canvas, from a minimum of 21×15 cm. You can choose to paint the picture with mineral pigment (mineral pigment extra charge) or inorganic pigment/gouache. I can use 23.5 carat ducat gold paint (gold paint is extra), but I can also paint without it. The completed picture can be framed in a traditional brocade frame (brocade is extra), the materials of which I choose together with the customer. It can also be ordered without brocade, which the customer can frame as desired. In the case of more modern pictures or illustrations, I paint on canvas, paper, or wood with paint suitable for the task, in any size. I welcome all ideas, whether it is a traditional thangka, a modern image or an illustration (taking into account traditional representations).

How to order a thangka or any image?

Please describe what your dream thangka is in the submission form shown here or by e-mail. Which Buddha/deity does it depict, what size is it, what pigment should it be made of, should it be gold, should it be framed with brocade? Please describe what kind of composition you envisioned. Based on your description, I will prepare a sketch, based on which we will discuss further by e-mail. (I will not send unsolicited advertisements or newsletters to your e-mail address)

• If you don't know which Buddha would be suitable for a given topic, I will help you choose the right one (for example, you can ask for White Tara, Amitayus and Parnashavari for a prayer for long life, but in this case there is also a composition showing all three).

• If you know which Buddha/deity you would like to see on your wall, but you do not know what the composition of the picture should be, in this case I will send you 3 possible sketches, one of which will be selected. After your inquiry, I will definitely contact you by e-mail to answer your questions and discuss everything.



Please note that the appearance of the painting cannot be changed after the selection and discussion of the composition and when the work begins! Also, take into account that the appearance of the figures cannot be modified, because the Buddhist tradition fixed their sizes and colors in religious text!


During my work, I will keep in touch with you continuously by e-mail. Since almost every painting requires a minimum of 2 months of work time (depending on the number and size of the figures, it can be more), I send a photo of the state of the painting at certain intervals.

After the order is fixed, half of the agreed amount must be paid directly from the payment options provided in the e-mail. In case of cancellation of the order, this deposit/reservation will not be refunded. The second half of the amount must be paid after the work is completed.

If you want to enclose your painting in a brocade frame, you can have an idea about the colors of the material in advance or we can discuss it after the picture is completed.

We will discuss the delivery by e-mail.


For domestic customers, I undertake free repairs for 1 year if an unexpected accident happens to the picture.


Attention! All rights to trade with the completed painting belong to the creator. This right is not transferred by purchasing the original image. The creator can reproduce the ordered image.


  • The ordered thangkas can be blessed. The blessing of your root lama and guru helps to make the connection with your buddha-consciousness easier through the image. With a blessing, all the effects of the image are more effective.

  • Where should you hang: It is worth hanging the picture on a wall that does not get wet in a mold-free, well-ventilated room. In case of dust, it is recommended to place it behind a glass display case.

  • Do not touch the painting with your hands!

  • If possible, do not burn candle or incense near it, because the surface will get dirty sooner.

  • If possible, it should not be rolled up and down many times, except during transport, because the surface is fragile.

  • Where should you store: If you have several thangkas and there is enough space in your apartment, place them in a large drawer, preferably unrolled and with the protective veil over them (design drawing of a drawer cabinet). Can be hung in a place where it will not wrinkle. If you don't have the opportunity to do so, store it wrapped in a filing cabinet in a dry room.


Feel free to contact me for traditional thangkas and any unique ideas!

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